Friday, October 29, 2010

Q&A for ME???

 I'm so excited this morning - Finally a Q&A for ME - instead of LIZZY!!!  Read on:

A Question for YOU, Chicken Wrangler -
Do you get the penicillin from your vet and keep it or are you able to get that at the farm store?
Wondering in Wonderland

Dear Wondering:
I purchased my new bottle of Penicillin at Family Farm and Home, but Tractor Supply generally has it with the vaccines in the refrigerator with animal care items.  Procaine Penicillin G is generally what the label reads, but the cautionary wording on the label also says not to use it in animals intended for food purposes because there is a "withdrawal" - this means once the treatment is completed, the animal cannot be used for meat (or eggs) for a prescribed amount of time.  This time limit is usually included on the label as well, but to be sure, ask your vet. 
Thank you for the question - it brightened my day!

the ChickenWrangler


Angela said...

Hey Chicken Wrangler!

I had no idea you could get that from the stores and not the vet! I learn something new every time I read your blog!

Happy Halloween!

Chatty Crone said...

Hey girl - I'm with angela - I am always learning something.

Although I know you can get antibiotics for fish w/o a vet.

TGIF and Happy Halloween.

kim said...

Hello I hope you have a nice weekend and Halloween.

Cindy said...

Excuse me Queen Chick..where is Miss Lizzy? Is she going chicka-treating? If so make sure she checks out the corn kernels..I would hate for her to get a stomach ache.I will be dressed as a peacock. What is she going to wear? Tell her I will be keeping my eyes peeled for her.

Mr. Roo-Roo

Verde Farm said...

I was so excited to see my question today. Thank you! I am going to get some tomorrow to keep here at the farm. You're the best Wrangler!