Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lizzy's Book Reviews

ooooOOOOoooo!  ANOTHER e-mail in my nest in-box!  GOOOooooOOD Day!
Dear Lizzy,
Since you work in a Library, can you suggest a good book for me to read?

Dear Anonymous,
I'm a working girl, all right!  And I do have a library at my disposal for times when one of the other girls is taking too long on the THRONE of PREFERENCE - the favorite nest box!  (We DO have 6 next boxes, but we all want the same ONE.  At the same TIME.) Reading helps pass the time, you know, while we're standing there with legs crossed, trying not to loose an egg!
Image found at, so DON'T click to look inside!
I certainly can suggest an EGG-celent book for you to read!  It is called:
"KEEP CHICKENS! TENDING SMALL FLOCKS IN CITIES, SUBURBS & OTHER SMALL SPACES " written by Barbara Kilarski.  A very good little book, only 150 pages, but covers most of the "ins and outs" of keeping a few hens in the country or the burbs.  It's entertaining, telling of the authors personal hens and how she transformed her yard from a concrete patio to a haven of relaxation and enjoyment!  Great EGG recipes, too!
Another fun and VINTAGE book I'd suggest is "The Egg and I" by Betty MacDonald - a hilarious read about a new bride, her husband, and their new business venture raising chickens back in the day.  Heard of Ma and Pa Kettle?  Well, Betty actually meets them back in the hills, with their zoo - including kids AND critters!  Good for some hearty laughs!

Two of my favorite reads, and NO YOLKS about it!

Cluckin' Good Day 2 You!
Queen Lizzy!


Angela said...

Now we know what you hens do when you are waiting in line in your palace for your favorite next box! hehehe Those look like some great reading materials to pass the time away!

Have a Great Week!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Lizzy has some good reading in her library.....I may just need to read up on the chickens..thinking about getting a few when I move. Trish

Jane said...

Sounds like chickens in the Downtown Condo may be do-able after all! I'll get starting on building the coup later today!


Kim said...

Lizzy, you will have to tell us what is so special about that one particular nest box.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

That is also a wonderful movie with Fred McMurray and Claudette Cobert, remember it?

Debbie said...

Dear Lizzy...thanks for the book reviews...and where did you get those glasses!!?? I love them!

varunner said...

Oh! I have The Egg and I but I haven't read it yet. I'll move it up in the stack and try to read it soon. Love it when someone raves about a book I already own but haven't gotten to yet :-)

Also, Joy of Desserts is back from her blog break with her Vintage Recipe Thursdays again, so I'll be posting that deviled egg recipe I promised you ages ago this Thursday!

Pan said...

lol :-) Such a photogenic chick. Great blog.

Chatty Crone said...

Girl I love your blog - but those purple glasses are to die for!


PS can you give me a lesson how to cross out a word like you did in your blog? Thanks.

Chook said...

Dear old Lizzy....where do you shop for your glasses?I love em!Would be nice to see you in some 'nerd' glasses one day..hehe!
I like the sound of that last book & wonder if its available anywhere?Will try my library..:)

Rose said...

your chickens are very smart. the Egg and I was made into a movie in the 40's very cute. rose

Becky K. said...

Ahhh....I'll have to find The Egg and I. Sounds like fun.

Becky K.