Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chicken Health Report

I'm glad to report that Robyn is feeling better after her round of Penicillin injections!  Her tail is up, she's got interest in all treats brought to the girls - Robyn is on the mend! 

Signs of illness in chickens: 
  • pale and shriveled comb, wattles, and ears (should be plump, and bright red, but color is dependent on breed)
  • bird keeps to itself, for the most part
  • little interest in feed/water
  • tail held low or tucked under the body nearly all the time
  • prominent breast bone (signifies extreme weight loss)
If you see any of these symptoms, or notice any watering of the eyes, cough, wheezing, foul breath (yes, foul, not FOWL - bad breath in hens denotes "sour crop" and should be treated immediately), abnormal feces, loss of balance, - anything visually unusual - these things bear looking into and your vet should be consulted! 

Tricks or Treats (hens prefer TREATS!)
the ChickenWrangler


Cherrie said...

I am so glad she is feeling better!

Verde Farm said...

So happy she is getting better. Question for you Wrangler, do you get the penicillin from your vet and keep it or are you able to get that at the farm store?
Amy :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad - I would hate to see ole Robyn not make it. Hope Candy is okay too. sandie

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Glad shes on the mend...and all that is good too know. Trish

Angela said...

I'm so glad that she is getting better and back to her old self!

Happy Halloween!