Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sadie Mae, the Traveling Friendship Bag!

Cindy over at Rick-Rack and Gingham came up with a wonderfully unique concept for a gift to help cheer a special lady.  One of Cindy's friends tragically lost her husband and home during those horrible tornados in Alabama.  Cindy's idea included the help of some willing bloggers, and I, along with many others, volunteered to be one of the "assistants".

Enter: the Traveling Friendship Bag!  Cindy's named the bag Sadie Mae.  Several of us signed up to take Sadie Mae for a few days, snap a few pictures and send her on to her next destination.  We've been asked to tuck a recipe card, a post card from our town, and a message of hope or prayer for Cindy's friend into one of Sadie Mae's pockets.  After traveling throughout the States for a couple of months, Sadie Mae will head back to Texas at Cindy's home so the messages can be organized, and Sadie Mae can be gifted to her friend.  
My surprise from Retro Revival!
One of the things Cindy also asked of us was to include a small gift for the person we would be mailing the package to next.  This is what I received from Retro Revival after she "reviewed" my blog - Guess it would not be too hard to select a little something for ME, eh? It's a darling "Spring-eee Chicken" ornament made out of metal - and it sure can SPRING!  The colors are so "retro", and it sure brought a smile and a hoot from my husband when I SPRUNG IT on him!
Leslie, Eggs, and the Friendship Bag!
After reviewing Sadie Mae's travel plans, it appeared she would be a little late getting to her destination if I kept her more than a day before mailing her on to the next blogger.  So, I packed her full of EGGS to bring to my good friend Leslie, who works with me at a durable medical equipment store.  Les has been ill and at home for a few weeks with vertigo that just would not leave her alone.  She needed eggs, which my hens were glad to provide, and so, I snapped this photo of my co-worker with Sadie Mae at our work place.  What better use for a friendship bag than to provide nourishment for a friend??  Sadie Mae is indeed a lovely traveling tote, and after adding my postcard from Michigan, I wrote down a great recipe for a Michigan Lumberjack staple food - the Pasty.  It is a simple but tasty meal in pie crust, and can be eaten with one hand around it and the other hand around a mug of coffee or a bottle of cold beer!  If anyone would like the recipe, let me know and I'll add it on a future post.  In the mean time, stay on top of Sadie Mae's travels to her next stop at Rick-Rack and Gingham.
Happy Independence Day -
the ChickenWrangler