Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful AFTER Thanksgiving

Hubby and a few friends worked over the Thanksgiving weekend, and much progress has been made.  A new mast for electrical needed to be installed, and that is now taken care of.  Roofing needed to be completed before the harsh weather begins.  Prayers were answered when we asked for snows and high winds to cease.  Click on the photos to enlarge them!
Sunday evening the windows were installed, and now - electrical rough-in can be started. Halleluiah!
the ChickenWrangler

Friday, November 23, 2012

Much To Do About EVERYTHING!

On my last posting, I had been recuperating from Kidney Stone Removal - worried about remembering my job responsibilities because I had been off work for a couple of weeks.  Everything went smoothly with no problems, but then on Oct. 10th, I was given information that my part time job would be cut, due to economizing within the company.  It was a landmark day because on that date two years prior, I was hired into that part time position after 2 years of job hunting - and my unemployment extensions had just ended.  I believe God has a plan and there are no coincidences.  And so, I did my duty, applied for unemployment once again, and started applying for jobs, not knowing where this path might take me.

Long story short: Mom's medical condition took a change three weeks ago, and we asked her to move in with us last weekend.  She agreed, wholeheartedly, and now the hubbs is building on an addition so she can have a new bedroom on the main floor with access to everything necessary!  He created his own plans and has been steadily working this week on it.  See photos below:
Kicking out the Deck Railings 

And, the newest photos show Mom checking out the area of her new "Digs"!

She is excited about her room with a view, as are we - and we are so blessed to be able to share our lives with her.  I still think about the happenstance of loosing my employment, but when God closes a door, He opens a WINDOW!
the ChickenWrangler