Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter 2012 - Have a BLAST!

Normally, winters in Michigan are so icy and cold - this year, we got NUTTIN!  Until 2 days ago.....
Then, we got bombed with the white stuff!!!
Well, not nearly as bad as it looks here - this horse was laying down, but I couldn't resist adding this shot to see how many I could fool!
Here are the hens, all lined up like chorus girls at the gate, ready for their vittles in the morning....Black Pearl is the leader of them all, front and center! 
She's a 'Black Sex Link" hen, and has always shown her leadership abilities even as a young peep! 
Oh, so cute!  Just look at that expression!!!  Just reviewing her "peephood" photo makes me think about adding new peeps in the spring......Awwwwwww......