Friday, December 28, 2012

COMING SOON! New Year, New Room!

So much progress in so little time - Mr. Wonderful continually amazes me!  This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago, and the pictures below are the progress he has made to the walls and ceiling for Mom's new room....

The drywall dust really coats the insides of ones' nostrils - and the camera lens as well!
My contribution, besides being 'clean up crew', has been to stain and clear-coat the boards for the ceiling and trim.  I "helped" install them - and now the ceiling is completed and the walls are dusty and need to be vacuumed.  Again, my contribution as clean up crew....!
Wishing you and yours a very Blessed New Year!
Signed, the ChickenWrangler

Friday, December 21, 2012

Blizzard in Michigan brings PoSsiBiLitY of 3 Inches Snowfall...

Christmas is fast approaching.  We are so very blessed this year to have Mom healthy and here under our roof.  The new bedroom is coming along nicely...I have most of the ceiling boards stained and clear coated.  Mr. Wonderful is working on insulating the ceiling and installing the plugs and sockets.  Many areas of the state are closing schools as they expect at least 6 inches of snowfall or better with the predicted Michigan "blizzard" predicted. We are thankful that God has paved the way for our being able to get the addition enclosed and covered before any real rough weather draws near.  Our area will only be receiving about 3 inches of snow, and temps around 35.  It is nice to fire up the wood stove in the basement with the wood that God provided - it showed up unexpectedly about 2 days after I lost my job!  We probably have enough to last the winter, which is wonderful.  Jesus is truly Our Savior, from the BEGINNING, and still to this very day.
Everyone is cozy and warm - including "Peaches" - note her cozy and color-coordinated flannel cage cover!  She has gotten friendlier, and is finally eating a few bread crusts, greens scraps, and a bite or two of grapes.  She loves her "out of cage" time, riding around on my shoulder and seeing what is what!  When she wants to be scratched, she has me trained which area to scratch by rotating and turning 'the other cheek', chest, or back to my finger.  What a smart bird - or maybe I am a smart HUMAN!!! 
Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday, a Blessed Christmas, and remember, as we do, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season...
the ChickenWrangler

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hot Roast Sunday

These past couple of days, Mr. Wonderful has been warming things up a bit by adding insulation below the floors and in the walls of the addition.  Dust masks are a MUST - small fiberglass particles are irritating to not only skin but nasal passages as well.
Next, hanging drywall!!!  Still need 2 more sheets for the bedroom yet....
...but it is coming along.  Perhaps Monday night.  Right now, its time to take a break for Sunday Roast - cooked in the crock pot for 7 hours, and it's "fall-apart TeNdEr"!
Click photos to enlarge....

I served this with Yukon Gold potatos browned in olive oil with herbs and spices- and a fresh salad made with several different veggies which was prepared by Mom.  We even had a small dab of gravy for each of us - not the gravy made of flour.  It was made of the broth that the meat was cooked in after I pureed the onions that were cooked with the meat.  That made it thick enough to pour over the meat or potatoes for a satisfying flavor suitable for that hard working man of mine!  He lost 3 pounds this week.  I maintained, and I can't complain about that.  The food on our new eating plan is amazing, and we have each lost very well during the first 4 days of the diet.  We are always amazed when we can't finish a meal, and then there are 2 snacks each day.  Being diabetic, I squeeze in one before bedtime to hold me over till morning, since my blood sugar goes down so very low.  I have to check it often. 
   We had time today to drive to Lowes to check out lighting fixtures and we think we know what we would like.  Its just---- will the have then back in stock soon?  They were sold out. We will keep checkingand there might always be something better.
  My roast was wonderful tasting, and I have more left for lunches or soups - I like cooking in big batches.  That way you can enjoy it again and again!  YUM!
the ChickenWrangler

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Śnieg Pada

The title of today's post?  It is Polish for "Snow Falls."  And, look at the view - out our kitchen window...
...AND - out of one of my mom's bedroom windows....!  As always, click the photos to enlarge...
These photos were taken a few days ago, but I want you to see all of the updates; one of then is the bedroom door.  You saw, on the last post, that the windows had been removed.  Here is the door being put in place, and the drywall that went over the remaining openings where the windows WERE....
Please pardon the mess - we are in the construction zone..... and below, you will see the common wall - what will be between Mom's room and the new living room:
Mom was pleased with her new door when I opened it and showed her.
And now, it is time for a little snack break - Join us for a Sweet Potato Cupcake, anyone??

the ChickenWrangler

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December - a Month to Remember

 My sister brought over my niece's new baby for Mom to meet for the very first time last week!  Here are a few photos:
Mom and the "Sweet" Baby
Marilyn, Mom, and Baby "Sweet"
Baby "Sweet" is beginning to be OWLY in her Owl Pj's!
It was a fun visit for us all!  Nathalie was so cute -and we have some picture perfect memories!

December 2012 : With the help of family, we were able to move the contents of Mom's apartment into a box truck and into our home and garage - all in a matter of about 3 hours or so.  Many Thanks  to you all!  Mr. Wonderful wasted no time in starting work on the addition, and as long as my eldest boy was in town, he was drafted in to assist with removing the large window behind the couch....good thing, because my back is not up to that kind of lifting!  Click on photos to enlarge....
Window is outa here!
Monkey shines....
Rich and Mr. Wonderful - too pooped to pop!
Rich brought along my grandson, Nate the Great - he was good as gold during the entire visit - and helped me with the daily egg collections and chicken feeding chores too.  Below, he is seen with "Peaches" - a new addition to our family.  Mr. Wonderful crashes on the couch behind them!  Click to enlarge photos.

Mr. Wonderful and BOTH DOGS are exhausted....
This week, hubbs have been working on the rough in for electrical, and he hopes to have a new door in place where just the hole in the wall is visible at this time.  We are making progress!  Every night Mr. Wonderful is out there working till 10pm to create mom's very own new bedroom.  Not sure when this will be completed, but - still a work in progress, and God has been blessing it, as we see how everything has come together just at the right times.  More later...

Signed -
the ChickenWrangler