Friday, September 14, 2012

More Chicken Collection, and Surgery Outcome

Displaying more of my Chicken Collection - didn't realize how many Chicken and Chicken related items I do have...
See the Crank-up Chicken toy?  It makes a cluck cluck noise when the handle is turned.   The felt Egg Cozy Roosters are vintage, and they are sitting on egg holders with little "Ducky" Slippers!
Here's a lovely Chicken Pitcher, a gift from my sister-in-law a couple years ago, and I created the flower arrangement to fill it.  She's such a kind woman - always looking out for everyone.  When I had surgery(s) she sent me a Get Well Card - chicken themed, of course!
Yes, I did say "surgeries".  If you recall, not long ago I posted about having to have a kidney stone removed.  Simple procedure, sounded like.  Well, not so simple.  The stone had to be blasted out as it was too large to remove otherwise and was blocking some very important functions...
Sparing you much of the details, things did not go well once I was 2 days into my recovery period and so....the following week I had to have a second surgery.  Unfortunately it was not a 'buy one get one free' - but I think it should have been! 
Thankfully, the second time around, recovery went much smoother with a plethora of pain killers to choose from - and I am cleared to go back to work this next Monday.  Today is my first day without any medication - and so far, I'm doing great...

Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel - what is HE doing here?!?  Chicken Guardian, of course!

With the weekend to get my house and life back in order, I'm thinking positive and hope everything goes well during the upcoming work week.  It might feel like MONDAY all week - trying to get my wits back and remember all of the things I need to do after 2.5 weeks away from my job - I will have "vacation brains" for sure!
Wish me luck -
the ChickenWrangler