Thursday, February 28, 2013

Log-style Living

We've certainly more than made up for the lack of snow in 2011/12.  West Michigan has been getting hit pretty hard in 2013.  Our bird feeder has a 'flat-top'!  Mom has kept an eye on it, and used it as a Snow Gage to determine the amount of snowfall in any given day.
Here's our Hen House out back - and note the nice layer of snow on the fence as well.  There has been a week or two that Mom and I elected to stay home instead of venturing out for groceries, our driveway is long and winds up hill - wicked slippery, and sometimes my little Jeep has gotten stuck.  Not a fun hike for either of us gals.
Here's Mr. Wonderful, pounding in a few nail heads before the carpeting was installed. 

And these 2 photos above were taken after the carpet was laid.  The view out the windows is spectacular - so glad Mr. Wonderful decided on 3 large windows instead of just 2.
Mom, enjoying the warmth and comforts of the living room
View of the TV entertainment center wall

We still have to hang pictures and hook up the rest of the electronics, but it's a far cry from how this all started in November - seems so long ago, yet not long at all.
 We have quite the collection of pictures and the memories to go along with them!
CHEERS to Mr. Wonderful, and to God who gave him all of his many talents!

the ChickenWrangler

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Visitor

SOMEONE didn't like his picture being taken.....who could this person be?'s my baby BROTHER!  He flew in from Colorado to spend a week vacationing at our house in the middle of the start of constructing our new living room!  How wonderful! 
Here we are, being able to visit face to face, after 5 long years.  It's so hard to believe it's been that long since he has been in Michigan - time passes so quickly!  And we were so happy he chose our house to VACATION at!
And what is better than a WORKING vacation?!?!?  Just ask him about the new skills he has learned - he will be delighted to fill you in on the joys of using a power nail gun!
And, with his help, we were able to finish installing the pine ceiling in our living room.  Tanks, Trank!
  Next post will be pictures of that completed room...Yep, all done!

the ChickenWrangler

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little Corner of Her Own

 Here we are, the end of January, and Mom's room has been complete and carpeted for a few weeks now.  Below, is the sign I found at a local Thrift Shop to hang on her door....!   Click on the photos to enlarge.....
I thought it was PERFECT!  Adds a little rustic flair too, don't you think??  And lookie here -
She's been sleeping in the dining room since she first arrived, and has graciously put up with it while Mr. Wonderful was working on the addition.  The night before the carpet installers arrived, we moved her YET AGAIN - into the UN-FINISHED new living room - and you can see the HOOP she had to jump through in the background of this photo of her temporary 'digs'....
When the carpet arrived, we moved the furniture out of the office area and watched the guys get to work laying padding...
and then carpeting in the office area and her new bedroom....
And - CHEERS to Mr. Wonderful - her room is finished, and the hard work of arranging furniture and pictures is before us now...
 ...and she's only just begun! 
Mr. Wonderful is off and running in another direction now that Mom's little space is completed.  The new living room is well started, and we are using it now as is, with insulation hanging, extension cords plugged in, and the wood ceiling has been installed with the help of my brother who flew in from Colorado a couple weeks ago.  My next post will be his visit, and photos of the beginning of the second new room.  Stay Tuned!
the ChickenWrangler

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finishing Touches and the Placing of the Magic Carpet Order

For several weeks now, this has been the view of the work table of Mr. Wonderful....and we are nearly finished with Mom's room.  Have a lookie look.
Painted walls, ceiling fan.....
....trim around the wood ceiling.....
....finished window and wall trim......
....And a smile on the face of Mr. Wonderful!
The trim boards around the floor will be added once the carpeting is in place - we ordered it, and it will take about 2 weeks before it comes in.  THEN - we can set up a day/time for installation.  Mr. Wonderful COULD install it, but lets give this poor guy a break and let the carpet company handle THAT!  Mr. Wonderful deserves a little much-needed rest.