Thursday, June 28, 2012


Photo borrowed from "Our Heritage", Purina Mills website
 I've been getting coupons from Purina for Horse Feed, Chicken Feed, and other feeds/products.  Savings range from $1.50 to $5.00 on 40 - 50# bags, which is darned good, in my estimation!  I just printed off 3 coupons I needed this morning, and if you would like to sign up for free coupons of your own, go to the Purina Mills site by clicking HERE, and use this code number: 212621 when you register!  Have a great day!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painting Complete -

This morning I am going to do a quick post of the completed statue I showed you yesterday - but will have to wait on the photo of the beautiful wood of the cross until TOMORROW.  We need to find a special composition that will attach the figure to the wood.  All this work, and it would be a shame to have it tumble to the ground because of faulty connections.
Here are some 'before' and during photos:

And now are the 'after':

More tomorrow!

the ChickenWrangler

Monday, June 25, 2012

Polish 4th of July today!

I took a HOLIDAY from work today - it was a BeAuTiFuL dAy - warm and breezy - just the kind I wish we could have every single day.  I woke early - got chores done, collected eggs, pinched off dead/dying flower heads (so they would continue to bloom longer), picked me some wild black RaSpBeRRiEs and made some freezer jam, and finished painting a 125 yr old statue of Jesus on the cross.
 Some of you know that I have a side-business: Vintage Statuary Restoration.  I was dreading starting to paint this particular plaster statue, but I love the way it turned out...It was a crumpled mess when the lady asked me about repairing it.  The more I handled it and moved it to work on it, the more it crumbled!  I had it taped together when I took it over to my mom's house to show her and get some advice from 'The EXPERT'!  She's taught me all I know about repairs on such articles.

Above are the "BEFORE" Pictures.  You can see the difficulties it presented.  The cross was originally 3 ft tall, with a Jesus that is about 18 inches in height.  The owner decided it would be alright with her if the cross was shortened, which Hubby did.  And,  the plan for the white painted wood was to paint it a mahogany color.  Hubbs started to sand the wood, and it really is a fine quality wood - simply beautiful!  So, he clear-coated it for me after removing all of the uckky paint.  On the NEXT post, I will reveal the finished product!

the ChickenWrangler

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For Love of Anything CHICKEN!

By now most of my family is well aware I am hooked on Chickens - just love 'em!  Collecting AnYtHiNg ChIcKeN is something that comes along with my addiction.  Just gonna share with you my most recent acquisition.  Hubby's remark was "Oh yes.  We sure DID need THAT ONE!"  Just take a look.....
I do not know precisely WHAT it is or where it came from, but who could resist that liner-rimmed EYE!  Just LOOK at it!  My guess is that this is some sort of early Carnival Prize.  It was created in 2 halves, attached together, painted with some type of oil based paints, and the maker thought enough to press in marks to identify it for future owners. 
 It appears to be made of a combination of salt and other minerals (yep, TASTES salty!) and measures about 3 1/2 in. tall.  (Carnival prizes in the 1900's were made of "chalkware", which was a type of gypsum plaster and other ingredients, and most were quickly airbrushed and sent off to the Carnies.  They were cheaply made, generally 6-8 inches tall or better, but these prizes were given to girlfriends or proudly displayed by the winners to prove the Carnies could INDEED be outfoxed!)
I've been at a loss in my research on this little hen, but I just HAD to have it - one of the many mysteries in life that I may always wonder about - not unlike: 
Which came FIRST - the CHICKEN or the EGG??

the ChickenWrangler

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yes, we're still alive and 'clucking' out back in the woods - it's been a while since my last post.  Winter was milder than we first thought it would be - not much snow to speak of - and the spring/summer weather has been something to CROW about! (Click on photos to enlarge!)

I did get several new peeps in March - - 30 of them!  At this point in time I am down to 8 pullets, 5 of which will be going to their new home July 1st.  3 will be staying here with us.  I must say this new flock is the bravest of any I have had to 'wrangle' so far.  Their enclosure is a 6ft tall chain link fence.  Every morning I would have to open the gate and chase between 1 and 3 pullets back inside their pen.  Curious, I went out at night to capture this roosting scene -

And no WONDER!  Just look at them - CAUGHT by CAMERA!  The guilty little snots!  Guess it will be time for wing clipping soon enough!  They prefer this height to the roost bar hubby installed for them.  The highest point is the safest point to roost - they are not DUMMIES, you know!
.....Well, time to hit the roads for the day - have to put vittles on the table for the girls!
the ChickenWrangler