Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Chickens in the Collection

What looks like a little tea party is actually a Hen Party - the little Red Hen tea pot was an E-bay find - just could not resist!  Got her for a great little price because of a tiny speck chip on the tail.  No worries - can't see it - does not reflect the POUR-ability of the bird in question!  And, see the little CHICKS??
They were a good find at a thrift shop last spring...Lefton brand figurines, one with a fractured toe, which I was able to repair.  Can't leave an injured baby chick like that...tsk tsk tsk!
And here is poultry by another name - a Turkey - made of a small gourd - folk art from Mexico, perhaps?  A gift from my son who knows what I will like - and this birds head and tail bob up and down when you tap it one time.  Too Cool!
And last, today, is a Rooster Cookie Jar that I won in a drawing, free of charge, from a good friend of mine,  Angela of West Virginia - I entered one of her contests and the prize was a gift certificate from a store sponsorship - a prize of my choosing.  I liked this Roo the very best of all of their offerings!  His perch is the highest and most prominent location in my kitchen!
...More of my collection to come!
the ChickenWrangler

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Clucking Collection

What kind of collection might you find in the home of a self-proclaimed "Chicken Wrangler"?  Any guessers out there?  Does this picture give you any sort of HINT?
  Ya, right - anything POULTRY/CHICKEN related is what's easily found in my humble abode.  The lavender fabric Roo shown above is only one of my finds - he came from an Antiques/Vintage store in Indiana.  I saw him 2 years ago sitting forlorn in that store, didn't buy him - but later regretted it.  Don't wait till regret sets in - buy it when you see it!  So....last year we returned to that same Antiques Mall, and when I seen him ROOSTING STILL, I snagged him and plopped him into my little cart, and he came home with me.  No "buyers remorse for me - I just LOVE HIM!  I first saw this Roo in a magazine several years back - I think it was MaryJane's Farm - and he was pictured on a corner of a page.  A person can purchase patterns to make their own, but gee, for less than the price of a pattern, I got him ready made to display.  Lavender was my Grandma's favorite color way back when, by the way...just reminiscing here.....the good old days.

Here is a wooden carved Roo that hubbs found for me at a thrift only yesterday.....Such a striking paint job!  This guy needs a beak repair - somewhere along the line somebody musta dropped him and snapped it off - probably the reason he was dis-guarded.  I can fix that.  If I so choose.  Kind of gives him the look of a 'de-beaked' bird - think I should fix him?  What say ye?
    I have more birds n things to show you in the next posting.  There are quite a few chickens to be found here!
the ChickenWrangler

Thursday, August 16, 2012


So exciting - so SCIENTIFIC!  Look at these "gem-stones"!
 (Photos borrowed from

Such wonders of nature, aren't they?  They could be made into rings, necklaces, ear-bobs - ANYTHING ornamental in the DESIGNER jewelry world!  And just to think - I may soon have one of these beauties of my very own!  In just a couple short weeks, I'm having surgery to remove a kidney stone...and I just had to google/bing search to see what types are currently available.  Amazing, aren't they?  Wonder which one is mine?!?  I hope to claim it after the operation, unless they have to 'smash' it in order to dislodge it.  I'd like to view it in its entirety!  Wish me luck!!!

the ChickenWrangler

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


After a long day at work, I thankfully headed out to my little red Jeep, but had to pause for a moment as I looked at something that was DEFINITELY out of place in its front window.....
...a closer view didn't help much, either....but, okay - let me get that door opened up to check it out.
Just SEE that smug look on her face!  How did she get there?!?  I had to take her back into the store to show my co-workers and see if they had anything to do with it!  No one knew.  Hmmmm.  That left only ONE guilty party on my list - MR. WONDERFUL!  The little scamp!!!
  Certainly when I quizzed him, he denied it all.  But, after while, he caved in - apparently he passed a thrift shop and there was one lonely hen in the window...and, of course I didn't NEED another CHICKEN, BUT - "...what the heck - what's one more?  And, it was funny just thinking about your reaction!" he said.  Yep, well, it was funny - and yep, I love the new "girl", but really love knowing he thought about me and just HAD to brighten up my day!  I thank God for Mr. Wonderful.  All day, EVERY day!
the ChickenWrangler

Monday, August 13, 2012

Camp Gramma Comes to a Close

 Camp Gramma officially closed for 2012 a couple weeks ago - the kids had a blast with swimming at a nearby swimming hole, horseback riding, and lots of free play time at different play ground areas.

And, as you can see, even Grandpa got into the act - just could not resist the obstacle course in Greenville, MI.  So many challenges, so little time!
And when DAD came to pick them up, Vivian had to show how she would operate the pony ride, dad riding shotgun....doesn't this photo display his confidence in the driver??
He did settle down after a couple turns around the 'mini-trail ride'.  My son stayed overnight, but in the morning it was time to pack up and hit the road for their 5 hr journey back to Illinois.
  We certainly did have a great time, and hope to do this again next year.  There's nothing like having children around to help make you feel young again.  Lots of fun and wonderful memories....
the ChickenWrangler