Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letters to Lizzy - Making a Spectacle?

Dear Lizzy,
Where DO you get your glasses?  I would like to see you in NERD GLASSES someday!  Also, where can I find that older book, "The Egg and I"?
Love Those Glasses
Dear "Glasses",
I get my Spectacular Spectacles at "the Eyeglass Egg-spress"!  I should have my own signature pair for them to market, but they have sooo many to chooooose from - I can't make up my little chicken mind which I like the best!  As for "The Egg and I" - you can find that book on ebay, or, in both new and vintage publishing years.  Many have remarked about the movie that was made from the book, but believe you me - the book is ever so much more enjoyable!!!

- the Queen!
P.S.  Please visit Two Bears Farm today, for a great spin-off on a Deviled Egg Recipe!


Becky K. said...

Too funny.

The glasses are great!

Becky K.

Angela said...

The glasses are Great!!!! Now I've got to make some deviled eggs for dinner tonight!

Have a Great Day!

Cindy said...

Hello ever so handsome Roo-Roo wanted me to ask you if you were a single chick. I told him you were a real live chicken..but this tabletop rooster thinks he's real also.
A while back he stowed away in my luggage and took a trip to see the grand kids.
Maybe they could have a blind date one day.

I enjoy reading your letters and answers.What????..Oh He wanted me to ask to you have any leopard print glasses? Roo-Roo is a little on the wild side...

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Roo-Roo from there also

Verde Farm said...

Oh Lizzy, you are the BEST!!
Amy :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Lizzy and ofcourse sweet Monica...

I am so happy to see you up and at'em this morning. I know up with the Chickens right?

Love those glasses. It just so pays to have several pair so they can go with the daily outfits.

I will have to check out the Egg and I, especially since it came highly recommended from you.

Hope you and the girls are preparing for the cooler weather. It is coming.

See ya soon sweetie.
Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Jane said...

Good morning Lizzy,

I am so very glad that your column has taken off. I have a somewhat personal question, however, to ask you. Why do chickens smell? Do you not have a shower in the hen house?


City Ignorant

varunner said...

Thanks for the link :-)

I am halfway through The Egg and I. Splendid reading! I got my copy at a thrift store some months ago - it is the reprint, not the vintage. I probably wouldn't have picked it up to read for a good long while if you hadn't mentioned it though.

Movies are never as good as the books!

Anonymous said...

Hey to Lizzy,love the cat-eye glasses,hehehe.

Thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly.
And your comments is so appreciated!
You should try Tablescaping,it's ton's of fun.I am not fancy like most,but I like tablescaping,try it friend,its good for the brain!

Chatty Crone said...

Have I told you I love, love, love those glasses - we all need a pair just like them for us. Show a little spunk. sandie

kim said...

Hello Lizzy!

I do love your glasses. Have a eggstra special day.

Rose said...

this is a hoot. rose

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Who the heck taught that chick about fashion???
And, how to read???
What a crazy place you have here you old wrangler you!