Friday, October 1, 2010

Changing of the Seasons

Since it's time for Autumn, it's time to get the garden cleaned up.  This spring, rather than plant tomatoes in pots like I have in previous years, I had decided to do things a little differently.  I have what I call my "circle garden" of flowers near the house by our parking area. 
I put some tomato plants in that little flower garden, and they did well enough for me to make some Roma Tomato Jam (YUM!  Great on Pork Roast!!!), BLT Sandwiches, and to slice up for salads.  I had very few pests to take bites out of the fruits, and the tomatoes that were damaged didn't go to waste!  The GIRLS got to eat them!  They LOVE their TOMATOES!!!
Now that the tomato plants have been removed, I cut back the "Susans" and got rid of some weeds, offering the trimmings to the hens.  The flowering baskets are spent, so down they came. 
I have a wetlands down by the main road and the seed heads from daisies and susans were not wasted; I scattered them along the roadside where the grass grows long all summer.  It should be beautiful in the years to come.  A blogger friend sent seeds from her Sweet Annie, and those have been scattered there as well.  I love the scent!  Heavenly!  When I was a young girl I'd love to pick a lily or violets or daisy flowers that I found growing near a woods to bring home to my mother.  Perhaps some child will take delight in doing the same thing in a year or two, with flowers from our roadside patch!

the ChickenWrangler


Angela said...

It will look pretty around your yard next year with all the seeds you are planting! Wish I could do that but my husband mows the grass around our road.

Have a Great Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Visiting with you via Jean. So very nice to meet you and browse through your blog. Oh the tomato jam sounds delicious. I have a circular garden of daylilies! Wishing you a nice weekend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Monica Sweetie...
Oh you have changed things around a little.I love it. You are getting ready for the Halloween season I see.
I see Miss Lizzy up there looking things over.

Now Monica Sweetie, I have never tasted Roma Tomato Jam, but does it ever sound good. What do you do to make this? You have got to fill me in here.

Oh how I wish I lived close to your little roadside garden, I would be coming by for a flower or two for seeds. I love growing plants from seeds. I have never grown any Sweet Annie, but if you get any more seeds I would so love to have some. Actually any seeds from your garden would make me a happy camper.

Hope you have a beautiful evening. I will be by tomorrow for my "Lizzy Love". Just can't get enough of her or the girls.

Love ya sweetie...Sherry

Anonymous said...

Love this post about pickn' flowers for your mama,wish I could pick flowers for mama,she been gone since 1983.
And I'll get sugar for you from scooter!hehe

Chatty Crone said...

You are getting ready for a big change - weather, your house, your yard, and your life. sandie

Verde Farm said...

Love your cute halloween look.
I know what you mean about cleaning up--it's that time for sure. Great idea to spread the seeds across the way where they can grow wild. I want some Sweet Annie seeds too. It was the hot thing at the Country LIving Fair. I may try to find some on the net.
Amy :)

Debbie said...

What a great idea to throw seeds along the roadside for eveyone to enjoy.
LOVE your new header for Fall.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I've been doing the same things, getting ready for the snows.
Gathering seeds and cutting back is somehow theraputic. Love the idea of your roadside garden...with the possibility of it delighting some child down in years to come. cool.

Rose said...

it's getting to be another busy season. take care don't overdue. rose