Friday, August 13, 2010

Summers' Fleeting Fly-by

Brown-eyed Susans
So hard to believe that summer is almost gone....In some areas the kids are already back to school.  Gardens will soon be waning, and the colors of the flowers change to orange and gold once again...
Happy Fall, Y'All!
I enjoy all of the seasons, but Autumn is my all-time favorite!  I love the first cold snap - frost on colored leaves, and all the harvest decor at the Farm Markets! 
Winter White Vellux!  So Cozy!
 I won't miss the humidity we've had this summer, but I know when the snow falls I'll be remembering the heat, hoping that the thoughts of it will keep me warm under my piles of blankets!   Sorry girls - no chickens in the house this winter!


Angela said...

Summer sure has flown by fast this year! My kids start back on the 23rd so we have one last week to have some fun before it all ends until next year. I love your brown eyed Susans! They are beautiful! I too can't wait for the Fall weather to hit. I think Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year.

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

Becky K. said...

If we could just bottle the summer's heat and use it as we need it over the winter....but alas....that just doesn't work.

Becky K.

Rose said...

I'm ready for fall. Love to hear the sound of leaves under my shoes. love to build a fire. summer has never been my favorite season. Rose

kim said...

Good morning, hope everyone is having a blessed morning. It is a rainy morning here and I would like to say I cannot wait for the nice Autumn weather and the really pretty decorations and pumpkins everywhere. Like your chickens.

kim said...

I used to have Nasturtiums and when they first came up alot of people asked if that was okra coming up and I told them what it was and they came back later to see what they looked like they are very pretty and bunch out. kim

kim said...

hey this is kim at here is a recipe for strawberry fig preserves:

Two ice cream buckets of figs about 8 cups before peeling.
2 8 oz packs of Strawberry Jello
Peel figs and take the stems off.
Place figs in a boiler and cover with 2 cups sugar. Let sit in refrigerator overnight. The next day take out of refrigerator and place on heat until they start to boil turn the heat down. You must stir these alot so they do not stick. Once you see the figs start to foam turn up the heat and keep stirring. When you smell the aroma of the figs it will not be long to take off heat. Next, heat up some water and put your canning lids in there, make sure the canning rings and jars are hot and clean, and dry. I usually fill my jars with scalding water till right before i put the figs and i pour the water out dry off then put the figs. Now getting back to the figs they should be ready after stewed down take off heat and add the two packs of jello and stir. Now you can pour out the water from the jars and dry and ladle the figs into the jars, wipe off the rim, add the hot lid and put on a ring on top. Turn upside down onto a bath towel and let set for 2 hours "you should hear the jarlids pop" after turning them upside down. You can taste the strawberry in the figs and some people mistaken them for strawberyy jelly. They are pretty good on biscuits with bacon. I got to go get ready for church send you more recipes later today if I have time if not tomorrow. Thanks

kim said...

One more thing the jars pop when you turn them back the right way not when they are upside down I was getting in a hurry when writing. When you turn the jars on their bottoms you will hear the lids pop later. That means the jar is sealed and safe from any contamination. These strawberry figs are good. You can change up the recipe with more figs and less sugar if anyone is diabetic and some people do use sugar free jello. Got to go.

Rose said...

jumping back. re comment on my post spring cleaning. i won't get up at 4 a.m. like my mother. have a good Sunday. rose

Anonymous said...

I saw a bright red Aspen leaf when looking out the window this morning, and also thought that summer is thinking about leaving a little earlier this year. I have my fingers crossed that we'll have an Indian Summer!
Wishing you a lovely day today!

kim said...

This is Kim at I have a wreath with fall leaves that are orange, yellow and some brown with a small pumpkin and the leaves wrap around the wreath. There is also a orange bow on it. Needs some help decorating my wreath. Thanks!

Chatty Crone said...

It may be getting to be fall there, but here in Georgia - we are still dead center in summer!