Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Q&A - Cold Chicken

Questions Questions!  Who gotsa Question?  None such thing as a silly question!  Ask away, chicken FANS (that's a pun - see picture below)!
Rooster Fan, from CSN Online Stores
Q:  Do chickens have sweat glands? And how do you keep your hens cool in summer?  Do you need a fan?
A:  Great Question!  Actually, chickens do not sweat!  In the backyard settings like mine, the hens do a great job of beating the heat on their own.  Shade from trees and shelters helps, plus they will "pant", which releases moist heat from their little chicken innards!  They also will scratch in the dirt for daily dust baths, and can be seen laying down, letting the coolness from the earth remove heat from their bodies.  And, don't forget plenty of fresh clean water - very important for healthy hens and good egg production!
Fresh, clean water is KEY!
Heat can do more damage for chickens than the harsh winters.  The bee-YOO-T-ful feathers that cover roosters and hens are eggs-cellent insulation from the cold; feathers let very little body heat escape, and so it's easy to understand why conditions on larger farms should be monitored when it gets hot.  Large industrial fans, ventilation, and air movement by cross ventilation are necessary, as well as removal of animal waste (waste decomposes, creating more heat inside cages and buildings).  Overcrowding can be a cause of chicken stress, overheating, and death.

With each news broadcast of food recalls, it is easy to make a decision to know where your fruits, veggies, and meat products come from - Buy from local producers, and search out eggs for sale from backyard poultry farmers!  Support your local growers!


Angela said...

I hadn't ever thought about chickens sweating. You gotta love the God given instincts that our animals have on how to survive.


Jane said...

Great post - I learned much about chickens today!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi, this is a wonderfully informative post.

Thank you so much for the great comments you have left on Bella Vista. It is lovely to meet you.

Barb ♥

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I wish I could get my eggs from you!

You are right - I've seen produce plants here - and they have fans going - to keep them cool enough to just kill them.

It is so sad.


kim said...

I like to hear the hens cackling it is like they are talking to one another. They do love corn.