Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just How Chicken can a Chicken Get?

Chicken Chickens!   

The photos above were taken this morning when I went out to feed the Girls.  Click on it to enlarge.  I served them up cantaloupe innards and the rinds with tidbits of fruit still clinging on.  Marilyn, the white hen, was the brave one this morning.  She pecked a little, saw that it didn't hurt her, and continued to eat while the other hens went after the seeds and innards on the cement slab.  Shortly, they ran out of seeds and approached cautiously, eye-balling the feast set before them, and making sure nothing was going to jump out and grab the rest of the brave ones, before they submerged their beaks for a test bite!  This was the first time they have ever had cantaloupe rinds, so no previous images were stored on their pea brains!

I've found that all of my hens have different personalities, and because of that fact, choosing names is relatively easy!  Henrietta lays the largest eggs and she's generally "Boss Hen" - if she doesn't like what one of the other girls is doing, she pecks them in the butt!  Priscella is kind of a shy hen and does as she's told.  Marilyn is a white hen (named her after Marilyn Monroe), and Lena tends to "leanaround" the outskirts of the chicken run!  The Cuckoo Sisters are named Ms. Mamie and Ms. Emily (after the dear ladies on the long-running Waltons program), and those Darned Barnevelders are 2 sisters hatched from the same clutch - they are little dickens of pullets, always getting into trouble!  Robin is a lovely black Sex Link hen with red feathers on her breast.  Lucy is the red hen.   Cleopatra passed away not long ago, but she had dark eyeliner around each eye, and was the most strikingly beautiful of all the hens - a real charmer. Queen Elizabeth is a regal hen, named by one of my followers - and here is her picture:
 How do YOU name your pets?
Chicken questions?  Ask away!
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^..^Corgidogmama said...

I think that personality or a physical trait is what we based names on. Love the look of this's so...."farmy"!

Angela said...

Personality always plays a big role in the names of my animals. Except when you let your 2 yr old name a new puppy Two! hehehe

Love the pictures of your girls having some treats!


Rose said...

at our house, all dogs have names that start with letter"M" so that the name sing songs with our last name. we wil name based upon looks. have a great day. rose

Melissa Miller said...

I love their pretty names! They are beautiful girls.

There is a cat in our neighborhood named Cleopatra. She is from Egypt according to the owners. She just adores out Chestnut kitty and will come visit and they will stare at each other through the sliding glass door on our back deck. Chestnut was named after the street we used to live on when we found him as a tiny 2 pound stray. He's now our 22 pd boy. He's not spoiled or anything! LOL! *Smiles*