Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday's "Good Luck Butterfly" Brings a HaPpY TuEsdAy

Here he is - Yesterday's "Good Luck Butterfly".  And this is the story - Monday morning as the kiddos and I headed out the door to feed critters and do chores, Granddaughter spied this butterfly struggling to escape under the step away from Prairie Dog's tongue and jaws!  She said "Whomever can pick up a butterfly, it will bring GOOD LUCK to that person all day!"  So, of course I rescued it (I would have done so anyways.  We all know Corgis do not need to eat EveRyThInG in their sight!) and put it on this plant for a photo op.  3 hours later I checked on it and it was still there, but as I reached out to it, he decided to flitter way up high into the air and out of our sight!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to do that?  Someday.....!
 We decided it was breakfast time, but as we came towards the house, there was some screaming and swatting into the air - and someone yelled "Jacket Bees!"  Here are some pictures of the Jacket Bees...

In actuality, they are Hummingbird Moths.  These busy creatures come out several times a day to siphon nectar from the flowers, in this case, from our Butterfly Bush, which is highly scented!  Hummingbird Moths do not sting, and this had to be explained to the kiddos.  When they spotted them the next time, there was no swatting or "scream-age".

As the day progressed, we decided to go swimming at the old swimming hole, a couple miles drive west of our woodland home.  Not many came for a dip, and the heat index was at 100 degrees.  Possibly due to the sprinkling of Good Luck from the Magical Butterfly, both kids came back toting an overabundance of snail shells that we will use for crafts.  I cautioned them to make sure they put the shells back if the 'door' was closed on the shell.  We did not want to upset any occupants if they came out to find themselves made into a necklace or glued onto a flower pot, or something else highly unusual in the snail world!!!
Later in the afternoon, we had to call the vet out to help Candy.  She got "choke" which can be deadly to horses in this heat.  Here is Viv, highly concerned about Candy's having food caught in her throat.
Viv shows how she massaged the throatlatch area to help break up food that was impacted, while we waited for the doc to arrive.  If you enlarge the photo you may be able to see the green coming out of Candy's nose - saliva mixed with the food juices that were caught even lower down (near her heart area!) than what we had first thought.  The "Good Luck Butterfly" was with Candy, as the vet was able to clear the obstruction out in record time!
Last but not least, the "Good Luck Butterfly" helped sell our Jeep that we had listed for several days, with no bites until Monday Evening.  Many calls, many 'no shows', and people that arrived only to say "...if the AC doesn't work, why dont you FIX IT?" -----they didn't realize it would cost more, and we're selling it because we didn't care if it worked when WE bought it - we were more interested in having the MOTOR run good!  One person said she couldn't buy our jeep because it had a sun roof and her husband might someday transport a ladder and would probably stick it through the glass.....  Hmmmm.  Shouldn't she be looking for a TRUCK if he transports ladders???  It takes all kinds, folks!
  Have a great day - we are out to enjoy ours!
the ChickenWrangler


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Is Candy an older horse? We used to have one that would have that happen. She was older and for some reason couldn't chew her food too well anymore. She's a beautiful horse! Love all your pics today!

Frank said...

They look like yellow jacket bees to me! :-P

Frank said...

They look like yellow jacket bees to me! :-P

Frank said...

They look like yellow jacket bees to me! :-P

Frank said...

They look like yellow jacket bees to me! :-P

Chatty Crone said...

Ha Corgi's like to eat everything - and so does Disco. Was the butterfly okay?
Your granddaughter was lucky and brought luck to you!
Congrats on the car.
You had fun swimming.
And I am so glad your horse is okay!!!
Are you on vacation this week?

Beth said...

I am so glad that Candy is Ok.

I have never seen a bee like that before.

The butterfly is beautiful.

retrorevival.biz said...

Jeez, quite the day for you all! Hope your beautiful horse is recovering and well now:)


Kim said...

I hope the butterfly luck ensures Cyour horse's continued health.

Angela said...

I hope you find another butterfly today since that one brought so much good luck! I might have to go out and try to find one in my yard so I can have some good luck too!

Glad you sold the Jeep! Can't believe the comments from potential buyers. lol

Glad you and the kiddos are having a great time! I have seen the hummingbird moth before. Took pictures and went home and found out what it was. They are strange looking creatures.