Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to Do about Boo-Boos

 In yesterday's comments, Cindy mentioned they have used Mentholatum as a topical treatment for small "boo-boos" with her poultry.  Old Timer's have used that for years with good success!  I use Scarlet Oil over any wounds, or have used Furazone Spray too, if it is handy.  Scarlet Oil covers the scent of blood and has worked well for me, but hens with dripping blood should be kept in isolation until they heal.  Minor scrapes or small pecks can be treated with any of these topicals, but keep a watchful eye out for any aggressive birds that might have it in their minds to pursue other poultry with minor cuts.  The idea is to catch it before it becomes a bigger problem!
I once had a beloved hen ("Tina" - may she rest in peace!) that got torn up by a Pitbull that wandered into our woods.  I scared the dog away, but my hens' skin and feathers on her back were pulled away to the point where I could see a large square of muscle (about 6 x 6), and one of her arteries was pulsing out blood in HUGE spurts!  I did believe we would have to put her out of her misery, but the Hubbs pulled out the Furazone Spray and sprayed her very well.  We set her up in a private and enclosed area with a nice little house she could get in and out of easily.  Amazingly to me, she healed up just fine when she was treated daily with the Furazone for a couple weeks, and  after applying the Furazone the first time, we were able to pull that flap of skin back up over her muscles, and spray on top of it too!  No bandaging needed, as the skin flap served that purpose!  She lived another 3 years!

Thanks for reminding me about the Mentholatum, Cindy!  I'm sure others will be happy to add that item to their Poultry Medicine Chest!
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Angela said...

Sounds like that is a must have to have when you have chickens! It's amazing to think that you need a medicine bag for your hens but you do!

Great information Chicken Wrangler!

Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

Amazingly to hear. I like that if I need to know someing about chickens I can come to your blog and look for son has a hen and has been getting eggs, now they are all being eaten he thinks by the rooster so he took the rooster you think thats what was happening.

Chatty Crone said...

Poor baby - but you did learn a lesson I guess. :(