Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flyin' High!

 Yesterday evening I sold our last "pre-built" hen house over the phone.  The gentleman called after seeing our photo ad and had questions about the features our design had to offer.  He loved the photos of the coop, and was looking to upgrade from the covered tarp and box he kept his hens in, wanting something more substantial for the winter this year.  He was more than satisfied with the answers I gave him, since we not only BUILD  the houses - we actually own the hens that LIVE in the prototype.  I believe this is important, in order to come up with the best design possible for the health of the birds, and the ease for the poultry owner.  Time-tested, not just Time-invested.  That's the KEY.
While driving along an old highway this past weekend, we noticed a sign that said "Chicken Coops 4 Sale"; and off to the side of their driveway were a few cute looking coops displayed.  They sort of looked like cabins, but made out of rows of furring strips.  They were unpainted, as we prefer to sell our hen houses, so you could see the construction clearly from a 'drive-by viewing'.  These, to my mind, were more decorative than useful houses for poultry to live in...more like doll houses.  One was up on a saw horse, and I would guess it would work well for 2 hens, but there were no nest boxes easily accessible for the coop keeper to collect those eggs.  My back could not take that, for egg collection OR for cleaning!  I hope they were insulated for our Michigan Winters!  Because the houses were not built off the ground, the first heavy snow might all but bury those hens in those little cabin-igloos!  I'm sure the asking price was worth the invested time the hobbyist had put into building them, but were they tested over time?  I don't know.  We were only driving by.
 The "hubbs" tells me I'm a great sales person!  I like to think so - but in reality, this hen house basically sells itself with the cute design AND the thought process that went into construction.  I just explain the features, the "whys" and the "hows comes" of each little thing we've tweaked on it.  It makes my "job" so much easier!  I know the new owners will adore their new hen house when we deliver it this coming weekend!

the ChickenWrangler


Debbie said...

Everytime I come over here, I miss our little farm in Fowlerville.
Your coops are the cutest I've ever seen!

varunner said...

Well, it certainly does sound like your coops are egg-stra special :-) I still need to show my hubby! He'd love them.

Angela said...

Hey Chicken Wrangler!

Congratulations on another sale! You do have a wonderful design and a well built quality coop that I'm sure more people will want to have for their hens.

Have a Great Day!

kim said...

Your coops are well built I am happy for you and hope you have a great evening. You take good care of your girls and I know they love you.

Jane said...

Your coops are terrific! Glad you made another sale,


Verde Farm said...

You are so right. Function and cute--that's what you have. The hens are the best judge :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a cute chicken coop. I wish I lived somewhere that I could have chickens. They remind me so much of my Grandmother and I would love having fresh eggs to cook with. Love & blessings from NC!

A Hopeful Heart said...

I really believe that someone who really KNOWS the product he or she is selling because of using it themselves, will be the BEST salesperson. You KNOW what works and what doesn't.

Congratulations on another sale.

Have a lovely day,

Anne Marie said...

that is an awesome design...does it fit 10 hens?

we are looking to make one before spring of next year, but to fit about 30 birds...we'll see!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

If I ever, start to sprout feathers, rather than these darn chin whiskers, I want to move into one of those delightful coops of yours! Painted, and decorated, with sunflowers out front please!

Carol............. said...

I like your "Time-tested not just Time-invested" comment, and that makes a world of difference.

(My orchids are resting on a piece of driftwood.)

Rose said...

if i had some chickens, i'd buy a coop. Yesterday, i was at the Trator Suppy Store. Your blog jumped into my mind esp. whe i saw a book , can't remember the title, but it dealt with raising chickens. rose

Pamela said...

That is the neatest looking chicken coop I have ever seen!
Just yesterday morning driving my son to school we pass lots of chickens farms and he started again about wanting one! How many 11yr old boys out there want a chicken?? lol!
I told him he can dream through your blog!
Pamela :)

Laura said...

I tried to 'Follow' your blog the other day, but I kept getting an error message... but today I was successful! Both the hubby and I are intrigued by your chicken tales! Lx

Florida Farm Girl said...

Hey Chicken Wrangler -- thanks for stopping in at Florida Farm Girl's World to say hello.

Feeding the chickens and gathering eggs was my job growing up. Mama usually took care of the setting hens 'cause they always scared me to death!!