Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new Chicken Wrangler in the Family

Last Saturday we picked up my GD (she is 9 yrs old this year) in Hammond, IN and brought her back to Michigan with us.  We've been planning the 2011 version of Camp Grandma since January.  I was able to get a week off (unpaid, of course) from my part time job to spend time with her, doing all sorts of new things, and some of our old favorites as well.
I sold our hen house, and Hubbs built a new one for the Working Girls.  Before the pick-up date I applied a fresh coat of stain on the used house and cleaned it out inside and out, even hosing down the roof.  Hubbs built a new chicken ramp for it, and my GD stained it with a nice Thompson's Solid Oil Base Stain.  (See the used hen house in the back?)  She loves projects, and she did a swell job.
GD and Lady GaGa
GD has been spending lots of time with the hens, collecting eggs, and learning Chicken Wrangling 102 with the new pullets.  She's got some of them trained, but her favorites are Maggie and  Lady GaGa.
"Maggie" and GD
She has Maggie trained to ride around on her shoulder and eat out of her hand, and was able to accomplish that in just 2 short days.  The secret is to work with them a few short times during the day.  And move slowly and talk low and quiet.  And yes, they do eat out of her hand!
Maggie looks contented on her "perch"
I'll show pics of the new hen house soon.  I need to get back out and enjoy my last day alone with my GD - her parents will be arriving tomorrow to spend the weekend with us, and to take her back home again.  They'll see I have competition in the world of Chicken Wrangling!
Signed:  the ChickenWrangler


Chatty Crone said...

Your granddaughter is so beautiful Monica - I'm glad she gets to come out and visit you - she will learn so much from her grandma - I mean it.

Love Of Quilts said...

Thats so neat she will be like her grand ma when she grows up...thats good not too many kids know a thing about raising chicken. Trish

Angela said...

Oh I LOVE it! She really has those chickens wrapped around her finger! They will miss her! I'm glad you are getting to spend some quality time with your grand daughter! She is beautiful! I love the last picture with Maggie on her shoulder! That takes real talent to get a chicken to sit on your shoulders like that!

Hope you have a great time with your son and family this weekend!


ocmist said...

It is sure nice when the Grands get to come and visit for a while. She looks like she had a wonderful time, and it's nice that she got a love of and appreciation for, the chickens. Your hens are all so pretty because they are so well taken care of, and that bowl of eggs a blog or two back, was just beautiful. ALMOST makes me want to fix of the old hen house out back and get some more. I just hate fighting the snakes, skunks, weasels and coyotes for them!