Sunday, May 29, 2011


The baby chicks I purchased during the Chick Days at Family Farm and Home are now "Tween-agers"!  The Three Tweens were ready to be moved out of the large cage and into the other half of my Hen Pen, and once I did that, I placed the newest batch of chicks (1 month old) into the wire cage for a few weeks until they finish feathering out. 
"The Shunning" - -First Introduction between the new pullets and the TWEENAGERS
Baby Chicks are such fun!  I took a few to my sister's house to entertain the kiddies at a birthday party, and the kids just adored them!  Peeps kept popping out of the box and making the children squeal with delight!  It was fun to watch the expressions on their faces!
Look at those faces!
Popping Peeps!

Presenting: "Lady GaGa", my Columbian Pullet!  

A couple weekends ago, the Hubbs and I went for a road trip....I saw an ad for Cuckoo Marans and just had to have a few more.  Well....I bought 4 of the Cuckoos, and one Columbian Wyandotte pullet - and they went into the pen with the Three Tweenagers!  Remember - "Same Size Keeps 'Em Alive" - and they are all doing well together.  They're not ready to go into the pen with the Working Girls.  The Tweens have different nutritional requirements, and are not up to the size standards of the Working Girls yet.   It's been a little difficult having to take care of chicks in pens, cages, and boxes, but chicks grow rapidly, and - - - in a couple more weeks, the younger batch of chicks in the wire pen will be able to join the Tweens!  That will make Coop and Pen care much simpler.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Those expressions on the kids' faces are precious! They look so delighted with the chicks! Hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Angela said...

I can tell they were a bit hit at the party! The girls looked like they loved it!

I can see Lady GaGa now playing the piano wearing a feathered mask sitting on top of a big high heel! lol Your Lady GaGa is beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures of all of your hens!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Your Lady Gaga I like better. Lol

Chatty Crone said...

I like your Lady GaGa - not the real one.

So are you going 'cuckoo' yet - lol?

The kids sure looked like they were having fun.

ocmist said...

Lots of fun for the little ones. Your Lady GaGa is a beauty as opposed to the real one!