Friday, January 7, 2011

Q&A: Chicken Dance - Cold Feet!

Dear Ms. Lizzy,
Since your January weather predictions for 2011 I got to wondering:  How do Chickens keep their feet from freezing in the cold Michigan winters?  Is it necessary to have heat in the coop in winter?
Signed: Fretful Frieda

Dear Frieda,
Poultry and birds of the air have many little tricks up their leg shanks to keep their tootsies warm in winter!  As I said yesterday, No Dumb Clucks HERE!!!   Standing on one leg with the other leg and toes tucked up beneath the body is one thing the ladies do.  Chickens are able to keep their feet warm and blood flow circulating wonderfully in temps down to -30 degrees - but this comes at increased energy expenditure - So Remember - -  - the more the energy usage, the more chicken feed must be increased!  Eggselent treats for cold weather include cracked corn and SUET!  The girls love it!  Another idea for keepers of the coop might consider is offering outside roosts that are square, rather than round.  The square roost offers greater foot and ankle support, and allows the bird to lower its body more directly on top of those cold and featherless toes, making for more warmth in icy temps!
  That's all for today!  Any more questions, feel free to add questions in comments, or email Lizzy in care of the ChickenWrangler!
Signed - Ms. Lizzy


Chatty Crone said...

You know when I read things like this - I can't quite help myself from thinking - all this is so amazing - and who made this amazing stuff - GOD - isn't GOD amazing?


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sheesh! Who knew? Amazing!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Afternoon Ms Lizzy...
You and Monica are so wise. I love coming to visit and see what you have to share. Now I always wondered how you all kept your little feet warm. I mean you still come out of the hen house, and it is SO cold out there.

I can just bet that Monica makes sure you have the Bel Air accommodations in your Feathered House of Love. Only the BEST for her GIRLS.

Oh I am so tickled to see your new glasses of purple for the New Year. You are one heck of a stylin CHICK.

Many hugs to you all. Love, Sherry

Carol............. said...

I always learn something new when visiting here! Thanks...

bj said...

hahaa...i LOVE your site.
hugs, bj

Verde Farm said...

Another great post and so informative. I love the idea of adding suet. Haven’t done that. I saw another post today with a wild bird recipe and I am thinking it may be a great treat for the chickens too!