Saturday, December 4, 2010

Q&A: Dear Ms. Lizzy

Dear Ms. Lizzy,
I have a question for you...I see many of my blog buddies putting hay in their chicken run. We've never done that. Do you recommend it and if so why?
Thank you :) 

HaySeed in Hicksville
Dear HaySeed,
ooOOOoooo!  This question is LoADed with several pros/cons, and Ms. Lizzy perceives you might be trying to TrIcK her!  oooOOOoooo!
  There are some that say putting hay in the runs for the chickens might be a good idea.  For extra warmth (in bales to block snow), or for extra traction/to prevent mud and mucky footing (spread around the yards), or for something for the hens to kick and scatter about, preventing boredom.  Ms. Lizzy suggests CAUTION, whatever the reason for putting down hay or straw.  The reason is a NAASTY 4-letter word.  M-O-L-D!
  MOLD can cause illness in your flock.  If you have decided to scatter hay or straw around the chicken run, rake it up and replace with fresh in a day or two.  Yes, us girls love to shift and scatter it, looking for bugs and seeds and what not.  Breathing in molds is just BEGGING for respiratory diseases, so RAKE RAKE RAKE!  RePlaCe, rEpLaCe, rEpLacE!  (Another warning Ms. Lizzy will advise to heed - - us hens may ingest long tough pieces of dried grass and stems, and that will sit in a craw for many a day, causing SOUR CROP!  Nasty Nasty Nasty, and has caused many deaths, as it can go easily undetected!!!)
  Some folks opt for a winter coop-keeping program known as Deep Litter Bedding.  Again, Ms. Lizzy advises: Proceed with CAUTION!  The Deep Litter System has also been suggested for horses and other livestock, to cut down on winter chores for the keeper, and if done PROPERLY, should pose little problem.  If done without consideration for the animals in their care, and some steps are skipped, this can cause ammonia build-up, M-O-L-D, respiratory illness, and compromised health in any animal kept in such a situation.  Instead of the Deep Litter System, Ms. Lizzy would advise spending a few minutes a day or perhaps 30 minutes a week to keeping those coops and nest boxes Spik n' Span and  clean and tidy for your working girls!  They do SO much for you, so give a little time back, keeping them in good health and cheer!
  As always, thank you for your questions!
Chicken Pecks and Hugs,
Ms. Lizzy


Jane said...

Ms. LIzzy - You are so incredibly smart! I really look forward to your column and wish that you would write more often. Tell me, do you have the hen house decorated for the holidays??


Verde Farm said...

Wow, Miss LIzzy, I’m so glad I asked. I hadn’t thought of mold. We haven’t put any in our run and based on this, I am thinking we will continue with our current plan. Such good information you share Miss LIzzy!! I appreciate you greatly!
Amy :)

Anonymous said...

So much to think about Miss Lizzie. Always fun to visit. Merry Christmas!

Chatty Crone said...

Hello Miss Lizzy - Being that I have no hens, I use spik & span for the house - cleans it really good too. lol


Nanniepannie said...

I know nothing about chickens...but I do enjoy your posts.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

All I can say is you know your stuff about chickens. God Bless Trish