Monday, November 15, 2010


Last weekend Lizzy flew the Coop! - she went to check out some pink foot fashions at Country Wings in Phoenix!  She couldn't quite make up her mind which pair she liked the best so she was going to order them online later this week.  Come to find out, once Lizzy returned home she discovered Miss Mamie was wearing one of Lizzy's FAVORITES!  as you can see from her eggspression as she focuses on Miss Mamie's feet, Lizzy is NOT HAPPY!


Cindy said...

Psst..Lizzie sweetheart..I was just strutting around the yard..and I had an idea.I love to fly the coop..yep it gets me in trouble..but I am one tough bird.
How bout I come to your yard for your Christmas Barn yard dance. I think we could swing em high and low on the dance floor.
Whatcha-think? Now don't tell Miss Cindy..she does so worry about me so.
I'll catch up with you next week on the answer.
Gotta fly..the girls need to get to scratching.

Verde Farm said...

Poor LIzzie, I don't blame her for being upset. What's a hen to do when someone rips off their "style." Those are some great boots Miss LIzzie--I want a pair :)
I have a question for you too...any suggestions on how to get a hen to stop pecking the head of her rooster to death? I have two polish and he is truly hen-pecked. HIs poor little head sometimes bleeds. I need help Lizzie!!

varunner said...

Whew! I hope she doesn't end up with shin splints strutting around in those!

Chatty Crone said...

Love those pink shoes/boots - you need to get some like those and be twins. sandie

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Every gal, whether she wears feathers or not....needs a little pink in her life! What fun!

Jean Tuthill said...

Congratulations! You have won my 100th follower giveaway! Please send me an email with your name and address and I will send the prizes out to you right away. Thank you for participating and I am happy that you are the winner.

Angela said...

Oh, Congratulations Chicken Wrangler! I see that you won a giveaway!

Every chick needs a pair of pink boots like those! Sweet!

Have a Great Day!

Lady Jane said...

Congrats on the Give Away!!! It is a neat package. I love the doily especially. Mini Blessings, L J